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June 14, 2015
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Proven Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

Back in the days, marketers trusted Facebook and Twitter for their campaigns. But since the introduction of these two, the landscape has changed. Other social networks have been introduced giving marketers more options to exploit. One of those networks is Instagram.

To fully exploit the power of this social network, you need lots of followers. Those with money can buy Instagram followers. Fortunately, that is not the only option. There are other means you can use and have some free Instagram followers.

Here are some of those ways.

  1. Have a Well Defined Call To Action

If you do not tell people what they should do, you can bet they will do nothing. This is an important lesson in copywriting. Before you even upload the picture, you need to have a clear idea of what your audience should do in the end.

If you want them to follow you, make it clear. Do the same if you want them to comment or like. But make sure you do it in a creative way, simply saying “comment here” will not get you as many comments as you want.

  1. Engage With Others

Just like with Facebook and Twitter, you need to comment, like and follow other people. Engaging with others will let them know of your presence. Others will follow you for just seeing that you are following them.

Comments and following works wonders on Instagram.

  1. Stimulate Their Thoughts

Asking intriguing questions in your photos is one way to get some chatter going. People like to show off how smart they are. You can post your picture with a question and let them answer by commenting. If you keep providing them with great stuff, they might follow you.

  1. Share Images They Can Relate To

No one will follow, let alone comment or like you photos if they find no meaning in them. That is why it is important to keep upload photos that anyone can relate to. Another tip is to keep you images as raw as possible. That does not mean you should not edit your images, No! But do not edit them to the point that they look too perfect.

You need to keep them looking like it was taken by an average Joe.

  1. Timing Matters

If you upload your photos when many are offline, you can bet your work will go unnoticed. It will not get the many likes, comments or followers it deserves. So you need to know your audience and when they are most active on Instagram. This will increase your chances of reaching your audience.

  1. #Hashtags

Instagram uses hashtags like Twitter. You need to be creative with your hashtags. They should be fun and easy to read. If out of ideas, you can search online on how you can come up with effective hashtags.

  1. Connect Your Instagram Account With Facebook

If you have a huge fan base on Facebook, connecting your Instagram account to it will only do good. You Instagram uploads will be featured on your Facebook page. So it means your audience on Facebook might decide to also follow you on Instagram.


While this can take time to produce results, at least now you know you can get free Instagram followers. All you have to do is try the methods in this article. It is not justifiable sometimes to spend money when you can achieve something for free. But if you want followers and you want them now, buying Instagram followers is your best bet.

April 9, 2015
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Getting To Know Instagram and Making the Most Out Of It

Instagram is one of the fastest growing and popular social networks. Its launch date was October in 2010. It was then later purchased by the social media giant, Facebook, in April 2012. It runs as a mobile phone application which is currently available for both Android and iOS. The users can share videos and photos through the app and view newsfeeds through their website.

Many brands have taken up Instagram as a marketing platform to socially engage with both their existing and potential customers. More than 75 percent of leading brands are already using the Instagram platform. The tech sphere were the first to love it when it was fist launched, and they were soon joined by popular celebrities who used it to share part of their lives with their fans. More and more users kept joining to raise the number of active users to more than 300 million by end 2014. The users include the free instagram followers or accounts that offer instagram likes free. With such a high number, any business can shape its brand and leverage on instagram to develop meaningful interactions and improve their visibility.

Some interesting facts about Instagram are

  • Only less than 30 percent of its users are from the United States
  • The number of photos shared are more than 30 billion in total
  • Daily number of likes is 2.5 billion
  • Daily number of photos share daily is more than 70 million

Ads on Instagram

Instagram did not have any commercial model for the first 3 years. In the summer of 2013, Emily White, the head of Instagram business operations hinted about the plans of implementing ads. Within the same year, Instagram made the announcement that it would roll out ads, starting with the American audience. Ads can now be seen as in newsfeeds, in the form of sponsored posts and are receiving attention, especially from free instagram followers who also offer free instagram likes.

Getting Traffic

Instagram does not support any clickable links in the captions or comments of posts. You can find a clickable link only within the profile of a user. There has been many requests to Instagram asking them to allow links in posts, but no official statement has been made concerning it.

Revenue Generation

Due to lack of clickable links on posts, revenue generation becomes somehow complicated. One can’t use instagram to drive direct traffic to the product pages. You can however, effectively use it to enhance the product pages. The study by Olapic shows that when aesthetic images of a product being used is posted on its e-shop, its conversion increases by a factor of 9 times. This conversion can further be increase when you use free instagram followers or free instagram likes