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April 9, 2015
by admin

Getting To Know Instagram and Making the Most Out Of It

Instagram is one of the fastest growing and popular social networks. Its launch date was October in 2010. It was then later purchased by the social media giant, Facebook, in April 2012. It runs as a mobile phone application which is currently available for both Android and iOS. The users can share videos and photos through the app and view newsfeeds through their website.

Many brands have taken up Instagram as a marketing platform to socially engage with both their existing and potential customers. More than 75 percent of leading brands are already using the Instagram platform. The tech sphere were the first to love it when it was fist launched, and they were soon joined by popular celebrities who used it to share part of their lives with their fans. More and more users kept joining to raise the number of active users to more than 300 million by end 2014. The users include the free instagram followers or accounts that offer instagram likes free. With such a high number, any business can shape its brand and leverage on instagram to develop meaningful interactions and improve their visibility.

Some interesting facts about Instagram are

  • Only less than 30 percent of its users are from the United States
  • The number of photos shared are more than 30 billion in total
  • Daily number of likes is 2.5 billion
  • Daily number of photos share daily is more than 70 million

Ads on Instagram

Instagram did not have any commercial model for the first 3 years. In the summer of 2013, Emily White, the head of Instagram business operations hinted about the plans of implementing ads. Within the same year, Instagram made the announcement that it would roll out ads, starting with the American audience. Ads can now be seen as in newsfeeds, in the form of sponsored posts and are receiving attention, especially from free instagram followers who also offer free instagram likes.

Getting Traffic

Instagram does not support any clickable links in the captions or comments of posts. You can find a clickable link only within the profile of a user. There has been many requests to Instagram asking them to allow links in posts, but no official statement has been made concerning it.

Revenue Generation

Due to lack of clickable links on posts, revenue generation becomes somehow complicated. One can’t use instagram to drive direct traffic to the product pages. You can however, effectively use it to enhance the product pages. The study by Olapic shows that when aesthetic images of a product being used is posted on its e-shop, its conversion increases by a factor of 9 times. This conversion can further be increase when you use free instagram followers or free instagram likes